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21 Balloons

Wait, wheres my Taylor Swift song about how exciting it is to turn 21?? Why do I feel like it really means being 1 year closer to supposed to be having my life together? At what point do I start referring to myself as….. an adult…..

Last years birthday post, The World Has Turned And Left Me Here talked a little bit about my panics in life and what it was like living outside of the walls that I spent so long inside of. One year later living in the real world, I’ve come to realize the the things in life that actually matter. The things that fuel my soul, the things that make me happy, and the reasons and people behind all of it. This year, and for the last few, the people in my life have been such an important part of where I am today, and my best friends deserve the credit for much of that.

So here I present 21 Balloons, and each balloon with a reason as to why they are absolute rockstars that I couldn’t live without. 21 reasons I made it to 21 because of my best friends. Find your tribe. ROLL WITH THEM.

Here’s a little bit about mine.

1.They love me unconditionally

I feel like sometimes people say this about their best friends without actually taking into consideration what it really means. I mean zero conditions… like, they literally still love me even when I’m being a terrible person and blaming them for my problems. I yell at them for things that I’m to blame for and they still love me. How? Obviously it’s because they’re better people than me.

 2. They’ll call me out when necessary 

 I can only rant about something for so long before they call me out for being completely psychotic.

3. They listen to me vent, but won’t listen to me complain

Anything constructive I have to complain about, they are always there to listen. However, if I start rambling on about how someone liked somebody else’s Instagram photo from 6 weeks ago, or anything as irrelevant as that… they won’t put up with it.

4. They force me to go the gym when I’m being lazy

You would think that spending money on a gym every month would be motivation enough, but apparently not. I need them for that too.

5. Their lame jokes never seem to get annoying

I’m honestly not sure how, because I’ve heard them so many times now but somehow they never fail to make me laugh.

 6. They appropriately yell at me when I don’t answer my phone

Because it happens more often than it should…

7. They buy me rosé after a bad day

Honestly everyone needs a girl group who will always buy them wine when things get hard. They even show up on your doorstep unannounced to make sure you know they love you.

8. They shove vegan recipes I don’t need or want down my throat

Every baking session or grocery trip is filled with “I have this vegan brownie recipe” or “Oh, I can make a really fancy dinner out of these mushrooms” when everyone else is just craving carbs, donuts, and everything unhealthy.

9. They yell even louder when I yell at them for eating foods that aren’t vegan 

It’s just a little bit of chipotle mayo honestly its whatever.” No. It’s not. I’m trying to keep you grounded, but I get it because I would definitely cave for chipotle mayo too.

10. Who else is going to send me memes?

There is a meme tagging quota for the day and its clear that I never reach, so at least they do.

11. They play annoying music that I can’t stand and insist that even though it’s my car, they are still the DJ. 

Rap songs about broccoli aren’t really my thing, but if they’re happy, so am I.

12. Getting ready to go out is more fun than the actual event itself

I feel like putting makeup on and watching friends in the background with them is much more fun than going places and being social with people I hardly know.

13. They force me to attend events outside my comfort zone

Sorority and Fraternity events were never my thing, but I’ve met some cool people that I would have never met had I not been forced to go. Now I love dressing up for charities and formals and all those fun things… Apparently all I needed was a little push.

14. They make me laugh so hard that I honestly should have a flatter stomach by now

My friends are quite literally the funniest human beings I’ve ever encountered. I am blessed to have them, to say the least.

15. The reason I don’t is because they always order pizza and I have zero self control

Since I won’t eat the vegan pizza, it usually ends up that I have my own pizza. And garlic bread. And marinara sauce (sometimes, because most of the time it ends up being forgotten in the delivery)

16. They sing lullabies when the others are really tired

My best friend has the prettiest singing voice and she likes to sing to us when were tired or sick or grumpy. I promise you, everyone needs someone who can take away your soul pain with their voice in your life.

17. It isn’t possible to stay mad after an argument

There are far too many important things to talk about. We can only stay mad for a short period of time because there is too much going on that they need to know about… and lets be real, the argument is definitely about something as insignificant as song lyrics or dinner options. (It’s all about the petty things, obviously)

 18. Long road trips wouldn’t be the same without aggressive fights over the car temperature.

So yes, the air in my car isn’t exactly distributed evenly… but in the summer we need air conditioning to be on and I can’t help it if the back seats get a lot colder than the front ones…

19. They gently bully me

Saying gently doesn’t actually mean it is at all gentle, you start to learn that its an expression of their love.

20. They seem to know whats best for me, even when I can’t see it

This is important, because everyone needs friends in their life that have your best interest at heart, even above their own. I may not always like what they have to say,  but often times they’re right. Their advice isn’t always harsh, but it is when it needs to be.

21.  There isn’t just one MVP of the group. We all are the MVP’s.  

I have the greatest group of human beings in my life that I get to call my best friends. There have been moments in life that I’ve taken them for granted, but if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Thank you for being you. ❤︎

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