Here’s a little something about me…

In the beginning, I intended simply to create a travel journal for my friends and family to be able to follow me on my adventures. As I continued, I realized how much I enjoyed documenting my experiences, either through writing, or through photography. After a while, the idea of writing things to share for others began to be something I enjoyed.

Being 21, and halfway through a degree that I have no idea what I will do with when I finish, I decided that I wanted to share the writing I do for myself for other people to hopefully gain something from. In hopes to inspire those around me, I continued my diary to share my thoughts and journeys with as many people possible. My hope is to be able to share a space that people can find both fun and insightful, while also being able to relate to their own lives in some way.






Before jumping into 2018, what was previously the Travel section of The Wandering Diary will now be known as Blonde Meets World. When I first started this site, it was primarily meant to be a travel blog. Though, since it started, its become much more than just that. Since the travel part means so much to me, I never want it to get lost in the craziness of the other features, so starting now, I’m giving it the space it deserves.

All the content can still be found, just under a new tab! I love the idea of Blonde Meets World because it will features all the new adventures and experiences as I continue to grow, and won’t subtract from the other lifestyle aspects you can find on The Wandering Diary.

I hope you love this new launch as much as I do !