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Exam Season ✖️ Essentials

Yes, it is that time of year again. The time where no sleep, improper eating habits, no time for the gym, and hardly even the time to breathe comes back into our lives. And if you’re anything like me, it takes a great deal of emotional prep before we can jump back into it again.

So what exactly is the key to surviving exam season? That’t the thing. There isn’t just one. There are so many different tips and tricks, so I thought I would share my own.

Being Organized:

I can’t even stress this enough. My life feels like a complete mess when I don’t have all of my notes, notebooks, textbooks, and every syllabus handout on my desk in front of me. If there are pieces missing, I can’t focus. I also find that having cute notebooks (usually a back-to-school purchase, but not when you leave things to the last minute like me) helps keep me more motivated in writing notes. If you have working pens, clean empty notebooks, and a fully charged laptop, I promise you that studying will be SO much easier than if you’re constantly feeling flustered.

*Another point: Also organizing the files on your computer help to. When you have a million files all named “Final” or “Final2” or my personal favourite, “Final4Real” because you’ve messed up and edited your work more times than you can count, you start to go crazy. Keep all your docs in order!

Study Buddies:

Surround yourself with people that are suffering, too! Just kidding. But in all seriousness, it helps. Having friends who are under just as much stress as you, and are needing to get as much work done as you, can be great motivators. My favourite thing to do is study with people who have the same/similar classes to mine, because if I ever have questions, they’re great people to ask. They may not be the prof, but they may give you great insight on test questions that you may not have thought of yourself.

Making Playlists:

Music helps everyone, it’s no secret. Creating a list of study songs can be super helpful, granted you don’t add your favourite dance tunes. If you’ll be easily distracted singing the words to your favourite songs constantly, look on Spotify™ for playlists that others have created that help them. Listening to music not only cuts outside noise out, it can also be really helpful in the creating process while writing those final papers.

SNACKS / Meal Prep:

This is seriously something I wish I had listened to my mom for when she told me the first time. Just a few days ago, I was at the library working when a friend and I both realized how hungry we were. We left the library, went to grab takeout and come right back, and little did we realize that by the time we packed up, got got food, and came back to set up again….. our Thai food had consumed an hour of our precious study time. Where as had we prepped food, even if it was just snacks so we weren’t starving, we would have saved time. Time has wings, people. Don’t waste it on missioning for food.

Trail Mix: I’m not a huge fan of grocery store trail mixes, because I’m picky and will likely pick out half of the contents in the mix anyways. However, homemade trail mix means you’ll actually like everything you put in it since you make it yourself. My new favourite thing to do is go to Bulk Barn™ and buy small amount of all the things I like. I usually use banana chips, pistachios, chocolate covered almonds, toasted coconut, and other small inexpensive things. It takes literally 30 seconds to put together, since you mix everything you bought into one bag. 30 seconds, and it could save you an hour.

Homemade Juice: This one can be somewhat costly, but not only is it super healthy, it is also super delicious. My favourite mix at the moment is Apples, Beets, Carrots, and Ginger. One problem I kept running into was that since the juice is so fresh and without any preservatives, I could never take it anywhere because it would go back before I could drink it. BUT, I heard about Swell bottles, that keep drinks cold for 24 hours, and since I’m impulsive, of course I bought it. SO, If you have one of your own, or even a thermos, I definitely suggest looking up homemade juice recipes to take the the library with you. Time saving, and your body will love you to pieces.

Multi-Vitamins: Will keep you energized throughout the day, even if it seems so insignificant to take them in the morning. The nutrients will keep your mind going. Since I’m practically 5 years old, I always take the ones that taste like gummy bears!

Simple Makeup:

This one is my favourite. We all look dead to the world during exam season, but there are quick tricks to looking completely the opposite of that. We all have our key essential makeup products, so now it’s just about always keeping them handy.

➸ Concealer: Oh, you haven’t slept this week? You’re eating crappy food? Your body hates you, and is deciding to break out like crazy? No problem. You have concealer handy for that. Nobody will ever know.

➸ Matte Lipstick: When you want to look glamorous, effortlessly. Nobody has to know that you have little to no makeup on anywhere else on your face.

➸ Eyeliner: For when you want to look fleeky, and fool people into thinking you have everything together. If you can do winged eyeliner, you can do anything. Therefore, studying doesn’t faze you.

➸ Bronzer: “The library? What, no! I definitely don’t spend all my time there! I get out often enough!” Yes. Do carry that bronzer with you. Nobody will have to know the truth. You’ll be glowing.

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