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This post is dedicated to finding your dreams, or better yet, hailing them from what may be ever so slightly out of reach to you. So seriously, find and hail your freaking dreams… because you deserve them.

  1. Don’t Let The Wrong People Influence You.

They are you dreams. Your plans. Your mindset. Your LIFE. I don’t say “don’t let the wrong people influence you” in the sense of not surrounding yourself with negative people, I mean it in the sense that even people you love most, may not be the best for your dreams. I love my mom, but she insisted that business was the right trade for me, and that is far from true. My dreams differ greatly from hers, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still have my best intentions at heart. My family might be great support, but their dreams shouldn’t influence mine. Nobody in your life’s dreams should ever influence yours.


  1. Don’t Be So Lazy…

Real talk: Life is hard. Our lives beat us down everyday with everything in it, and with the constant rollercoasters we deal with. There are so many moments when I want to give up on writing all together, but it’s something I love, and something I like looking back on at when I do. When I don’t make the time for it, its because I’m lazy. I come up with an excuse that I didn’t have the time or because I was too tired, but those are never real reasons. It is because I’m so lazy. Literal note to self: stop being so lazy all the damn time.


  1. Obsess Over The Little Things

The little parts of the dream are what make up the big picture. The little aspects that you work on everyday to get to the end result are what are going to make up the end result. Obsessing over them is what makes the dream more than just a dream.


  1. Don’t Obsess Over The Big Things

 Curveballs in the dream plan are fun. They may seem overwhelming, but they happen for a reason. They may make things seem like the world is ending and that everything is falling apart, but that is far from true. They make the dream stronger, seriously. Even if it can’t be seen at first.


  1. Be Intentional

So many people I know want to be famous or well known, but don’t even know why. People want tons if Instagram followers or tons of people to recognize them on the street, but the truth is that none of that can ever happen without intentionality. Without being intentional about what your dream is, its not achievable. Make a plan. Stick to it. Find a way to make the dream possible.


6.  Have a Game Plan

Where do you want to be in 5 years? Common and over asked question, yes, but think about it just briefly. Where do you want to be in 5 years, and what can you be doing now that gets you there. Better yet, where do you want to be in 3 years? 1 year? What are your short term plans to be able to live out your long term ones. I know for me, my short term goal is to be more consistent with everything I’m working towards. I get super exciting bursts of wanting to be productive, but learning to feel that way always instead of just having small moments of it is something I need to work on. We all have things we can be doing in the moment to make our bigger pictures seem more reachable.

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