How California Stole My Heart

I have to say, it doesn’t take much. The warm weather, the endless brunch spots, or the miles on miles of sandy beaches; there’s something for just about everyone. Here are some of my loves….


MALIBU FARM 23000 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265, USA

Today, I want to share the most exciting (and photogenic) breakfast I’ve probably ever experienced. Malibu Farm; which is exactly as exciting it sounds. From farm to table, right on the outskirts along the Pacific Coast Highway. Honestly I feel like this entire post could be dedicated to just this place alone. If there is anything at all you can’t miss in California, it is by far THIS.

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ALFREDS TEA HOUSE – 05 N Alfred St, Los Angeles, CA 90069, USA

I’m sure anyone who has paid any attention to the coffee scene in Cali has heard of Alfreds Coffee, but I didn’t realize they also had a tea house?! Matcha dreams are what I live for, and although I wouldn’t say it stole the title of best matcha from NYC’s Cha Cha Matcha , it was still up there for some of the best. I mean, how cute is this sign? (that they also trademarked ….. )




GRIFFITH OBSERVATORY – 2800 E Observatory Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA

Before making the 35 minute drive from the city to the observatory, check the hours (more specifically, they’re closed on Mondays) However, the observation deck is never closed, so the trip wasn’t at all a waste. Depending on personal photo preference, many people tend to go in the evening when the sun is setting because I imagine it would be an extremely pretty to see the entire city lit while the sun goes down (because Cali sunsets are something you can’t even begin to imagine… I thought Toronto sunsets had it all and I was not even close.) I went in the afternoon, and it was still insane.


IN N OUT BURGERliterally all over Los Angeles 

If anyone was wondering what made all my fat girl dreams come true, it was this.


VENICE BEACH – Pacific Ave & Windward Ave, Venice, CA 90291, USA

This sign was super cute, but requires you to stand in the middle of road during the light cycle just to take a straight on photo. Regardless, the beach was beautiful and super hot for October.


MR HOLMES BAKEOUSE 111 S Ave 59, Los Angeles, CA 90042, USA

donuts? coffee? churro croissants? cruffins? Heaven, is that you?




—– just a little collections of all my fav cali things ♡ —–

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