How To Spend One Night In Amsterdam

Sometimes you don’t read the travel itinerary and layover times properly, and sometimes it means you get to spend one night in a really great city and have exactly 22 hours to fit everything in. If you were wondering, it is entirely doable, and above that, it is so insanely thrilling. So, where do we start?


No early morning starts without good coffee and an even better breakfast. Given that we only had 24 hours here, it’s safe to say we were up and out of our apartment early….


I’ve developed a habit before visiting a new place, always looking for food options on Instagram. It’s so simple to type in something as simple as “amsterdam eats” and stumble upon hundreds of posts with some of the best restaurants in the city. It also helps because you feel more familiar in a new city, having a general idea of what to expect when you’ve been given an better idea. (Disclaimer: When I say more familiar, I don’t mean too familiar. I’ve used Instagram to look for restaurants before, and have found really unique places… but I’ve also made the mistake of spending too much time looking online and not leaving any surprises to a new place. Looking online is useful, but only to an extent!)

The Breakfast Club: (Bellamystraat 2 // +31 20 223 4933)



And of course, brekkie means nothing when you haven’t had your crucial caffeine kick. After breakfast, we walked towards the central canals and came across this cute shop.

Koffee Spot: (Elandsgracht 53 // +31 20 221 3362)





I’m pretty sure 90% of the reason most people choose to visit Amsterdam is because of how damn pretty the canals are …. I mean, seriously they’re breathtaking. (And I reserve the other 10% for the individuals who visit for a specific other reason….)


If you are super set in your way about not wanting to be overly touristy, this is the exception of where you should bite your tongue. Different companies offer tours through Amsterdam’s canals with guided information explaining much of the cities history. To add to that, the excursion won’t cost you more than €16.



The BEST way to do Amsterdam, by far, is on a bike. Sadly, my trip consisted of pouring rain that made it difficult to ride in (not that we didn’t still try.) Bike rentals in the city start as low as €6/day, and make for not only an enjoyable ride, but also a faster way around the city.



Amsterdam Central has an entire street (Singel, 1012 DH Amsterdam, Netherlands) that consists of the cities fresh flower market. Although it is listed on TripAdvisor and a few other travel sites, people often tend to avoid it when they’re trying to fit other excursions in their trip, which I think is a mistake. Would I spend hours here? Likely not. But even making a point to walk down the strip on route to another part of the city I would say is a must. Pretty flowers and souvenirs, also, bulbs you can take home with you to plant in your own gardens.



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